Book Club Talking Points


  • The story from  the point of view of the children.
  • The story from the point of  view of the parents.
  • The personality of the characters and how each one coped.
  • The trauma of loss despite freedom.
  • The willingness to help others who are persecuted/refugees/different from us.
  • Belief in God despite all evidence to the contrary.
  • The struggle of reconnecting after tragedy.
  • Fighting hatred with our lives.
  • The idea of sending your children to live with strangers.
  • Mr. Frank’s suicide.
  • Bruno the dog’s role and his death.
  • Peter’s journey into manhood.
  • Is it best to stay together and die, or be saved?
  • England’s response.
  • Eva and William, betrayal within the family.
  • The matrons at the prison camp. Betrayal within your people.
  • Sylvia’s suicide.
  • The rescue of Sloan and Mica.
  • The symbolism of soccer and the violin.
  • The torture of Eddie.
  • The meaning of the orange.
  • The death of William.
  • Marla’s family journey of loss and survival.
  • Peter’s fear and bravery.
  • Noah’s youthful genius.
  • Charlie’s death.
  • The idea that victory is survival with love and appreciation, and music.