Five Star Amazon Review for THE CHILDREN’S TRAIN

Jana Zinser
What a book! I had to go back and look to believe that this book was fiction. I know some people are skeptical of the Holocaust and don’t believe it happened. But, it did whether they believe or not. I was five years old just days before the war ended. When I was at my grandparents house, I would listen to the radio with them. I remember hearing Winston Churchill, and other great leaders speak about the war even if I can’t remember what they said. I knew something terrible was happening in the world. Now, at age 80, reading about it even as fiction, touches me. It is unbelievably evil that humans can do the things that Nazi’s did, and especially to children. Jana, did a fantastic job writing this well written book. It is hard to realize that children no older than I was at the time were experiencing such atrocities while I was safe in the United States. May God bless you Jana for writing such a wonderful book to let people know this really happened.” Janice Hamman–Amazon Reviewer

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