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Read THE CHILDREN’S TRAIN ebook for 99 cents!

THE CHILDREN’S TRAIN ebook is on sale from February 13th to the 28th for 99 cents at Amazon, B&N, Google, iBookstore, and Kobo. Read about Peter and his friends who fled Germany and the ones left behind. When Peter discovers he can’t run from hate, he returns to Germany to fight the Nazis with the…
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For a limited time, 99 cents for the ebook of THE CHILDREN’S TRAIN!

Take the emotional ride along with the children of the Kindertransport escaping Germany and follow Peter, the rebel, who sabotages the Nazis. The special price for the ebook  from February 13th to the 28th is 99 cents at Amazon, B&N, Google, iBookstore, and Kobo. Click to go to THE CHILDREN’S TRAIN website.   
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Today, the ebook of THE CHILDREN’S TRAIN is 99 cents.

Follow the journey of the Jewish children escaping Germany on the Kindertransport, alone, to find safe haven in England. The ebook is on sale starting today through February 28th for 99 cents at Amazon, B&N, Google, iBookstore, and Kobo. Click to go to THE CHILDREN’S TRAIN website 
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Thank you Stanley British Primary School!

Thank you to David Marais and his incredibly smart 8th graders at the Stanley British Primary School in Denver for hosting me last Friday. The students had all read THE CHILDREN’S TRAIN and asked thought-provoking questions about the story and what it’s like to be an author. I was so impressed with their preparation and…
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When You Shall Come to the Land You Shall Plant Trees.

What an emotional discussion about THE CHILDREN’S TRAIN and today’s world at Leanne Sobel’s book club last night. Would we have been brave enough to send our children on the Kindertransport and is it better to be safe or be together? Thanks to Dorothy Corlin for the connection to these wonderful women’s book club, hosted…
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David Duchrow Wins Award! (air horn sounds)

David Duchrow-Attorney Extraordinaire!! Not only one of the best lawyers in the Los Angeles area but he gives back to his community, too! Congrats to David on receiving the Joe Posner Award!!! @DavidDuchrow #FightfortheWorkers #Winning Announcement-Joe Posner Award The Joe Posner Award Committee is pleased  to announce David Duchrow as this year’s Joe Posner Award…
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For All You “I Stand” People out there:

No one said you couldn’t stand. You are not required to march either. But please, LET US kneel and LET US march in support of social justice. And don’t hide behind the veterans and the flag. Peaceful protest is exactly what our veterans fought for. Making sure we are all treated equally is what our…
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