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Pick a Side

Don’t underestimate the power of the America people to fight hatred even in our own leaders.
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Local Author Spotlight

Local Author Spotlight MAY 1, 2017 BY SOUTH AURORA MAGAZINE LEAVE A COMMENT The Children’s Train: Escape on the Kindertransport Historical Fiction Book about the Holocaust By Jana Zinser In November 1938 on The Night of the Broken Glass, the Jewish people of Germany are terrified as Hitler’s men shatter their store windows, steal and destroy their belongings,…
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Never Give Up

Sometimes through courage and stubborn determination life brings an unexpected victory after so many defeats. A Bublish excerpt from THE CHILDREN’S TRAIN Chapter 45  Click Here
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Adventurous Women’s Club

Thanks to Jonna Villines and her friends for hosting me at their  group called Adventurous Women.   Last month dog sledding, this month THE CHILDREN’S TRAIN.
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We’re All in This Together

This is not a Republican – Democrat fight. This is the heart and soul of our country fight. If you live here, you’re in it. Speak up!
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