Lyndi Trowbridge’s NetGalley Review of FLY LIKE A BIRD

Jana Zinser
Lyndi Trowbridge’s NetGalley Review of FLY LIKE A BIRD:
“After a tragic accident kills her parents, Ivy is raised by her grandmother Violet in the small farming town of Coffey, Iowa. This close-knit community all have a hand in raising young Ivy…and keeping secrets about that night that left her an orphan. As she grows up and sees her friends leaving town for exciting destinations and never returning, she longs for her own chance to escape small town life. But family obligations keep holding her back, and the older she gets the more she realizes that Coffey is where she belongs.
When I started this book, there were so many characters to keep track of, but as the story progressed and the individual characters were described, they became more real to me making the story richer. Coffey was described as a warm community– between Uncle Walter’s trailer with his eclectic collection of cookie jars and lawn ornaments, Edna Jean’s obsessively clean library, and the Coffey shop, where Shirley welcomes you with a smile and a warm piece of pie– it really starts to feel like home.”

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