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Jana Zinser

Jana Zinser, Award-Winning Iowa Author, Releases Book Trailer For Coming-Of-Age Novel, Fly Like A Bird

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Castle Rock, CO (PRUnderground) December 14th, 2021

Award-winning author Jana Zinser, today released a book trailer for her latest novel Fly Like A Bird, inspired by stories told to Zinser and set in a small Iowa town like the one she grew up in.

The trailer, narrated by the young talent Lanae Fox and produced by Rich Lerner of Rich Lerner Cinematography, portrays the coming-of-age story of Ivy, a young girl growing up in a small southern Iowa town during the 1970s, where everyone knows everything. After discovering that her family and the townspeople are keeping secrets from her about the night a tragic car crash killed her parents, Ivy attempts to untangle the truth about what really happened and escape the town that lied to her.

The book trailer captures the emotions as Ivy seeks to uncover hidden stories and is forced to confront betrayal, death, racism, and the meaning of family.

Zinser noted, “In Fly Like A Bird, I wanted to explore the awakenings of a young girl and her struggle to make sense of the artificial unfairness placed on many of us with the invisible bars of race, sex, poverty, and family circumstances that often restrict our choices. Hopefully, the book trailer will give a sense of the rich characters and their lives in the small Iowa town filled with frustrations, overstepped boundaries, crazy antics, constantly intersecting lives, and a sense of community. I hope you’ll want to read the book and meet Ivy for yourself and follow along for every twist and turn her story takes.”

The book trailer for Fly Like A Bird can be viewed at

Zinser has a diverse background in politics, public policy, and the media. She earned her undergraduate degree from Graceland University and her master’s degree in journalism at the University of Iowa. She writes for television, features, and print. Her first book is called The Children’s Train: Escape on the Kindertransport,” an historical fiction story about the children who were allowed to leave Nazi Germany on trains to live in England without their parents, which recieved multiple literary awards and was a silver winner of the Independent Book Association’s Benjamin Franklin Award.

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